ANXONE – A global leading full-service provider of white label digital asset trading platforms with best-in-class infrastructure, services, and technology.

Our Product

Deep Liquidity

Through the ANXONE Shared Liquidity Pool, ANXONE is delivering deep executable liquidity by connecting institutional clients with global liquidity providers and a number of white label exchange platforms.

Shared order book technology

Allowing all participating digital asset trading platforms cross-match orders and maximize trade volume

Smart order routing capability

Tackling liquidity fragmentation and find the best price available

Established and legitimate fiat onramp through trusted banking partners

Operating with a well-established fiat support network

Unique and innovative collateral management

Improving trading efficiency

World-class matching engine

Bringing high performance and speed to order matching

Institutional-grade Infrastructure

ANXONE unites professionals from both digital asset space and financial industry, merging infrastructure from both sectors to create a robust and secure ecosystem.

Reliable and security hardened custody solution

Combining hot and cold storage to safeguard digital assets for institutional clients

Custody insurance in place

Ensuring digital assets are properly monitored


Offering comprehensive trading functionality to high frequency or algorithmic trading

Tier 4 data center with co-location ability

Protecting customer funds via cold wallet-only fund transfers, multi-factor authentication and real-time reconciliations

Full transaction audit trails

Showing a complete log of trade records and account details

Strong Regulatory and Compliance Practices

ANXONE adopts finance industry compliance practices to create a reliable & trusted trading venue.

Group listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange main board and audited by PWC

ANXONE operates a solid trading venue with sound reputation

Established AML/KYC practice and transaction monitoring

Guaranteeing legitimacy and legality of trading partners and venue

Real time market surveillance

Preventing manipulative or abusive trade actions

Coin purity monitoring

Ensuring the quality of digital assets available on the platform

Strong Information Firewalls and internal operational controls

Preventing any conflict of interests

Professional Support Team

A dedicated team of professionals provides 24/7 all-round support to clients, ranging from on-boarding, trade execution to settlement.

Dedicated relationship managers

Handling customer needs of all regards

Experienced KYB team for onboarding institutional clients

On-boarding institutional clients in a swift manner

Robust authorization controls

Smoothening and accelerating payment in and payment out

Evolving Range of Tradable Products

Supported fiat:
*Launching in Q2, 2019
Supported digital asset :

  • BTC

  • ETH

  • BCH

  • XRP

  • LTC

Spot Market Specifications

Trading Hours Available 24hr
Min. Size (coins) 0.01 0.2 0.2 100 1
Ticket Size 8 Decimals


Notional Monthly Volumes Maker (bps) Taker (bps)
0-30 million 10 20
30-100 million 7 15
100 million+ Please contact us for dedicated pricing


| by ANXONE Marketing Team

BTC turns 10

What a ride it has been for Satoshi's creation. From his early days of germinating his ideas from a cypherpunk community to reaching the highs of US$19,783.06 on December 17, 2017, those 21 million Bitcoins have taken us on an exhilarating rollercoaster ride and for that, ANXONE and OSL are delighted to light up the candles to celebrate Bitcoin turning 10.


| by ANXONE Marketing Team

Hong Kong Fintech Week 2018

200 Speakers, 250 media outlet participants and over 8000 attendees congregating from 50 countries around the world, Fintech Week HK 2018 between 29 Oct - 2 Nov not only stands to be one of the most anticipated global fintech events on the calendar, but also one for the records, with this year's event being the world’s first cross-border event, sharing the limelight with co-host city Shenzhen.


| by ANXONE Marketing Team

ANXONE Attends FIN/SUM x REG/SUM 2018 Summit in Tokyo

With 56.2% of all global Bitcoin trades happening within the Japanese borders, it’s suffice to say Japan has firmly established itself as one of the dominant global forces in the digital asset exchange market. Leveraging this market momentum, ANXONE was delighted to participate in the FIN/SUM x REG/SUM 2018 conference between 25-28 September, rubbing shoulders with the most avant-garde fintech startups and firm.


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About Us

We are a member of Branding China Group (“BC Group”), a publicly listed company on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (“SEHK”) (863) and one of the largest and fastest growing FinTech companies in Asia.


Global company founded


Business expansion into the digital asset ecosystem


1st Chinese marketing & communications company to be listed on GEM board of SEHK


Transferred to main board of SEHK

Tier 4

Data centers, cold storage and multi-factor authentication.


Excellent track record from our executives, who are pioneers in the digital asset ecosystem since 2013.


Partners and users in
over 50 countries.


Staff with diverse experiences and backgrounds.

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